Capital : 200.000 €
Business Registration Number: C114013057

Our company is specialised in the distribution of Electronic Cigarette products. We work only with certified manufacturers and professional dealers who are already in business.

Eventually, we will distribute worldwide, in Europe, in Africa and in Asia. We have efficient infrastructures connected to innovative computer network, developed to achieve excellence in their service.

We have in our team experienced professionals who will be able to answer, in your own language, to all your technical or commercial questions.

Each country, covered by our brand, has a dedicated logistics centre. All the manufacturers, professional dealers, logistics centres are connected to our central computer system. This central computer system manages all the flow of data, mainly those between our dealers and their corresponding logistics. For example: the accurate monitoring of our inventory will automatically turn off a product if it reaches a critical threshold. This will prevent the sale of out of stock products, or products which are nearly out of stock, to final consumers without any interference from the trader.

Our commitment:

Our commercial promise is to offer you the best service, certified and quality products and the fact that the consumers of our customers are rapidly delivered without shipping fees and at a cheaper price. The satisfaction of our customers is a common goal.

To protect your market, we practice a selective distribution and we check each application for the opening of an account. All this is done so as to protect our distributors against all types of lawless sales or sales in places that do not reflect the image of quality of your products.