About Our Distribution



Our distribution is divided into 2 ways:

For the shops, wholesale will be done for all resellers who wish to supply their outlet or Dropshipping method which will allow their customers to have the entire catalogue without additional shipping fees.

For the pure player, the Droshipping method will enable the professional traders free shipping while giving them the opportunity to earn large discount.  In general, this is rarely available for the trade of other products.

The products witch we distribute are guaranteed by the manufacturers with whom we work.  The manufacturers have to provide all documents attesting the conformity of their products with the regulations of their targeted market before any distribution agreement is made.

If there is any doubt, E-LEGEND reserves the right to request a second assessment to manufacturers so as to uphold the quality of their products.  Through all these reserves, our affiliated resellers will be certain to sell quality thus avoiding premature return of product.

We pay particular importance to the quality of the e-liquid : We do not accept to distribute e-liquids which are not manufactured in Europe.